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Nite Aqua Tritium Dive Watch EvaluationI'll admit up front that I ended up enjoying the Nite Aqua watch quite a bit more than I believed I'd. It wasn't that anything struck me as suspect regarding the timepiece before I received it, but rather that brands of this caliber are just as most likely to please as they are to disappoint. Nite is a UK-based watch brand that focuses on applying Swiss quartz movements and tritium gas tubes developed by MB Microtec H3 (also in Switzerland).

You will discover many such brands, and not all of them are produced equal. Why are there a great number of brands that follow this formula? Nicely, it seriously has to complete with reputation with the military/diver-style beater watch. Brands like Traser and Luminox produced the "several hundred dollar tritium-lit military watch" a timepiece of selection for many men who want a thing tough and functional for daily wear . The military-esque angle makes for any great macho appeal, whilst the rest is about obtaining a trusted timepiece that does not bore you to death every time you appear at it. Let's just say that individuals like watches like this to get a large amount of precisely the same reasons they wear boots more often than they in fact have to.

Nite's design philosophy is clearly of your CAD generation. These are designs that appear terrific in fancy programs in your screen, but I wasn't certain that in genuine life execution the quite images would appear excellent. There's a specific modern day really feel to them that when mixed with some standard design elements aids set the brand apart just adequate from its competitors. Trust me, that is definitely a really complicated line to walk. The result is as well several watches that look the exact same audemars piguet replica , replicas audemars piguet and as well numerous watches that definitely just missed becoming nicely conceived. So, the watch I got is a part of Nite's dive watch collection (known as the Aqua). This model may be the Aqua AQ1. All that indicates is the fact that it comes on a metal bracelet. The AQ2 comes on a white polymer strap, while the AQ2-G comes on a black polymer strap.

All of the Aqua models (at this time) include the PVD gunmetal case and white dial. And for me that is certainly exactly where the mystique started, how often do you see a dive watch using a white dial and gunmetal case? Plus, those of you who follow me routinely understand that I have a point for well-designed white dialed sport watches. So I pretty a lot had to check the Nite Aqua out. I really assume that Nite was clever to match the white dial using a gunmetal colour versus black case. The transition among the two colors is better, and it allows for a high contrast look that isn't "too bold swiss audemars piguet replica ." The case is steel, and water resistant to 300 meters. At 42mm wide, it sits nice and comfy on the wrist, but is very tall at 14. 8mm thick. Honestly, I appreciate the thickness from the case as it is a part of the piece's personality.

Considerably of that is due to the fairly thick bezel. Looking into the dial, you'll see a very long flange ring that goes down for the face, which is set deep in to the case. This may possibly look odd at first but is more than likely a necessity because of the tritium gas tubes. Tritium gas tubes include smaller amounts of self-glowing radioactive material that glows for about 20 years or far more. The tubes take up a fair amount of space when stacked on a single yet another in comparison with "normal" hands. Plus, as a dive watch I have a feeling Nite equipped the Aqua using a rather thick sapphire crystal (that they claim is triple AR coated). The deep dial is quite cool really, but at occasions it does seem as although the face is rather low in to the case. Nevertheless I come across it to be impressively legible from most angles.

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